Will Space Travel Ever Be Common?

Remember as a kid, when we all thought everyone would have a flying car or live in space by the time we were adults?

Here’s why I mention it . . .

Someone polled 1,000 Americans and asked if they think different “emerging technologies” will eventually catch on and become widespread. Here are ten of them, and what people said:

1.  3-D printing?  Meaning most people will have one, and just print products at home.  82% of us think it’ll happen.

2.  Virtual reality?  70% said yes.  And 60% think augmented reality will take off too.  But only 43% think the Metaverse will be big someday.

3.  Artificial intelligence being a big part of your everyday life?  69% said yes.

4.  Artificial organ transplants?  68% said yes.

5.  Self-driving cars?  Only 66% think they’ll be the norm.

6.  Gene-editing technology?  62% said yes.

7.  Lab-grown meat?  51%.

8.  Cryptocurrency?  50% think it’s in for a boom.  But only 39% think NFTs will survive.

9.  Brain implants that work alongside computers?  50% said yes.

10.  Normal people going to space?  44% think it’ll be common someday.



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