Top 10 Signs Someone Is Secretly a Stoner (In Honor of 4/20)

Everyone knows the STEREOTYPICAL signs that someone smokes a lot of weed but, in honor of 4/20 this weekend, people on social media are talking about the ways you can tell if a person is secretly a CLOSET STONER.  They’re mostly just for fun, so here are what we think are the top 10:

1.  Someone said, “I had a boss ask to see my lighter once.  I handed it to him, he turned it upside down and observed the bottom edge’s smudge of black tar from where I smash the bowl down after I light it.  “He handed it back, and said, ‘I thought so.’  He smoked weed, too.”

2.  If they call it “marijuana,” they don’t smoke.  If they call it “weed,” they do.

3.  If they’re American and know off-hand how many grams are in an ounce.

4.  Stoners tend to gravitate to each other, whether it’s at work or elsewhere.

5.  Ask the person, “Hey, do you smoke?”  If they reply, “smoke what?” the answer (9 times out of 10) is YES, they smoke weed.

6.  At family gatherings they are usually the one playing with the kids.

7.  They have an unusual affinity for band t-shirts.

8.  They always go out on their lunch break, but you have no idea where they go.

9.  They are the most relaxed, reasonable person in the group who laughs at your jokes.

10.  They are amped up about 4/20.


(You can find more, here.)

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