The Rock Show with Kilian


  • Monday - Friday
    2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Don’t miss The Rock Show weekday afternoons 2p -6p on Mad Rock 102.5.

I’m Kilian, I am the host of the Rock Show and Texoma’s official Rock n Roll Know It All!

Having spent most of my life buried beneath stacks and stacks of records, tapes, CD’s, books, magazines and everything else (no really it’s a problem). I decided to put my obsession with the music, my respect and appreciation for the artists who create it and all of those hours spent listening and reading to good use…and pass it on to you, the #madrocknation. Because every single song takes somebody back to somewhere, some time for even just three and a half minutes to when things were a lot less complicated and this music was the soundtrack to our lives. I lived it with you.

That is The Rock Show

  • The Daily Dirty Dozen – 12 songs high energy songs beginning with the Interstate Batteries Texoma “Crank It Up Song of the Day” the next 11 make up the daily dirty dozen
  • The  3:30 – 3 Play is 3 from one of your favorite Mad Rock 102.5 artists. 
  • The Modified Design Tattoo and Piercing Five O’ Clock Rock Block is a an hour of the world’s greatest rock as curated by the worlds greatest rock n roll listener….you. It’s an hour of actual requests just go to to make your demands
  • Plus 4 hours of the greatest music ever made!


Modified Design

Sherman, TX’s #1 Tattoo Studio

For over 10 years and counting.