Which End of Candy Corn Do You Eat First?

Sure, I like a handful of candy corn from time to time. I’m not sure I know anyone who LOVES candy corn. But, somehow, we’ll all probably wind up in a situation this year where we’re eating 3 bags of it at once. That’s just the way 2020 is going…

A new survey asked people which end of candy corn they eat first: The wider yellow part, or the narrow white part?

29% of people say they start with the narrow white end.

7% go with the wider yellow end.

65% just eat the entire thing in one bite.

Now, I was careful not to call one end the “top” or “bottom.”  That’s because there’s an eternal debate about which end really IS the top:  the wide part or the narrow part.

The argument for the wide yellow end is if these were real kernels of corn, that would be the top.  The argument for the narrow white end is they absolutely AREN’T real corn, they’re triangular candy, and the narrow end is the top of a triangle.


(PR Newswire)

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