What Do You Miss Most About Going to the Movies?

I really, really, really miss going to the movies. And, even though some theaters have opened back up – I still don’t feel comfortable going to see a movie.

Here are seven things we miss most about going to the movies:

1.  Snagging the perfect seat. Like the first row up from the floor in stadium seating, dead center, legs up on the guard rail.

2.  The concession stand. Because fountain soda and popcorn from the machine just taste better.

3.  Judging the coming attractions by whispering quick reviews after each trailer.

4.  The lack of distractions. When you’re at home, it’s too easy to hit pause to run to the bathroom, refill your drink, or check your texts and it messes up the whole flow & experience.

5.  The huge screen and hearing everything in surround sound. Even the best home theater systems just can’t stand up to the total immersion you get IN a movie theater.

6.  The collective crowd reactions. Like when something really funny, shocking, or scary happens, and the people around you burst into laughter, gasp, or scream.

7.  Sticking it out to the bitter end. Marvel movies have taught us that just because the credits roll, the movie isn’t always over yet. And scrolling on the navigation bar at home to the end to see if there’s anything worth watching just isn’t the same.


(Source: USA Today)

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