Two Guys Tried to Kill Their Boss by Poisoning His Coffee

It’s Friday, so you’ve got all weekend to unwind and forget all the reasons you HATE YOUR BOSS. Which is advice these two idiots could have used!

30-year-old Hunter Howard and 47-year-old Andrew Doty both work as security guards at a resort on Hilton Head in South Carolina. Or . . . they used to.

They don’t anymore, because they got arrested last Friday after trying to POISON their boss with eye drops.

There’s an ingredient in eye drops that can lower your blood pressure. And if you ingest enough of it, your heart can start beating dangerously slow.

They put a bunch of eye drops in a coffee maker that only their supervisor used. It’s not clear how many drops they put in, or if it was enough to kill him. But luckily, he’s okay.

Another employee found out about it and told management. So the boss didn’t drink any of the coffee.

They called the cops, who showed up and arrested the two guys for “tampering with a human drug product or food item.”

That’s a felony, and they’re facing up to 20 YEARS in prison.

Here are their mugshots.


(NBC News / WRAL)




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