The Top 5 Most Popular Drinking Activities In 2020

Getting drunk on your couch is more popular than ever this year…because what choice do you have?

The alcohol app Drizly asked users about different activities, and how many they’ve done WHILE drinking since the virus hit.  And boozing in front of the TV is the most popular by far. Here are the top five:

1.  While watching TV or a movie. 93% said they’ve done it since mid-March.

2.  During a Zoom call or virtual happy hour with friends and family, 69%.

3.  While you were just hanging out, 63%.

4.  While cooking or eating, 56%.

5.  To celebrate a special occasion, 43%.

It looks like at-home drinking might be the trend for the rest of 2020 too. Less than 1 in 5 drinkers said they plan to go to bars as much or more than they did before the lockdown started. The vast majority said they’ll go less.


(Source: Drizly)

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