The Top 10 Rules We Had as Kids

What’s the #1 rule your parents had for you as a kid? And did they actually enforce it?

Two in five Americans think their parents were stricter than most when they were a kid. Less than one in five said less strict.

Most people think parents TODAY are less strict though. 75% agree with that, and over a third think parents should be MUCH stricter than they are.

According to the poll, here are the top 10 rules WE had to follow as kids:

1.  You had to do your chores.  75% of us did.

2.  You had a curfew, 75%.

3.  You had to go to bed by a certain time, 72%.

4.  You had to study and get good grades, 71%.

5.  No alcohol.  69% say their parents set rules, or talked to them about it.

6.  No smoking, 68%.  28% even had rules about caffeine.

7.  You had to eat everything on your plate, 65%.

8.  Rules about driving, 59%.  Like you weren’t allowed to drive at night, or with too many friends in the car.

9.  Rules about going to parties, 55%.

10.  Rules about the clothes you wore, 55%.


Here are a few more that were a little less common:

  • Half of us had rules about dating
  • 46% had to get a job
  • 42% were expected to participate in sports or extracurriculars
  • 31% had rules about video games



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