Netflix has another hit with the new “Unsolved Mysteries” – my wife & her friends are OBSESSED with it!

And while we love to watch shows about murder and abduction, we hope Season 2 also tackles everyday mysteries – like anything from today’s list of The Top 10 Questions We Really Want The New “Unsolved Mysteries” To Answer.

  1. Which came first: the meth lab or the mullet?
  2. Why do we have to stop when it’s Hammer Time?
  3. What works less: a gas station squeegee or a liberal art major?
  4. How many careers do you have to fail at before becoming a magician?
  5. How does the host of my favorite morning radio show stay so darn entertaining day after day?
  6. What blackmail material does Rob Schneider have on Adam Sandler?
  7. Why is that one hair on my pinky toe so weird looking?
  8. If State Farm is like a good neighbor, does that mean they shower with the window open?
  9. Why did Comic-Con cancel due to COVID-19 when the safest thing a person can do is dress like Darth Vader?
  10. Can astronauts join the 200,000-Mile High Club?

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