Stocking Family (2022)

Stocking Family

Single mom, 31 years old. Recently started a new position and is working with our program on applying for school. Has no local family support.

Girl 11

CLOTHING: 7-9 Juniors in clothes and a 6 in shoes INTERESTS: she is entering her preteens so momma said she loves jewelry and is in to making her own bracelets. She loves drawing and has been asking for her own diary

Boy 8

CLOTHING: 10/12 in clothes and a size 4 in shoes INTERESTS: loves Pokemon and Roblox. He loves science and math and enjoys doing science experiments

Boy 6

CLOTHING: 8/10 in clothes and a size 3 in shoes INTERESTS: Roblox; BeyBlade spinning top toys, football, Pokemon, any kind of game.

Boy 3

CLOTHING: size 4T-5T in clothes and a 6 toddler in shoes INTERESTS: Loves Blippi and Goo Goo Gaga; loves firefighter stuff and construction work trucks like excavators!

Boy 2

CLOTHING: 2T in clothing and a 4 toddler in shoes INTERESTS: Loves cars and anything that makes noise, fire trucks, Blippi and Mickey Mouse


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