Pearl Jam Sent a Cease-and-Desist Order to the Pearl Jamm Cover Band

This doesn’t really seem on-brand for PEARL JAM, but I guess you can never tell:

They just sent a cease-and-desist order to a British cover band that calls itself Pearl Jamm – with the letter “m” doubled at the end.

The real PEARL JAM claims that fake Pearl Jamm’s name, merchandise, and domain name are, quote, “damaging the Pearl Jam brand and causing confusion.”

They cover band members were kind of heartbroken about it, so they sent an angry letter back to PEARL JAM, saying, quote, “This isn’t the Pearl Jam we know and love, the Pearl Jam that stands up for social issues and against corporate giants.”

They added, quote, “No one has ever confused us or our merchandise with you or your merchandise, and so to say that is ‘likely’ is clearly nonsense.”

They also brought up the fact that when drummer MATT CAMERON was in junior high, he was in a KISS tribute band that got a cease-and-desist from the real KISS.

(It’s true.  You can even hear Matt talk about it here.  Skip ahead to 11:12.  He actually seems pretty amused by it, though.)



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