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One in Four Adults Say They Belong on Santa’s Naughty List This Year!

With all the stories about people attacking flight attendants, restaurant workers, grocery store employees and others when they don’t get their way – this sounds about right: One in four adults think they belong on Santa’s NAUGHTY list this year.

26% of Americans say they’ve been naughty, but most still expect to get gifts anyway.

Around 80% think they deserve presents.

There’s a pretty good chance they’ll at least get one – from THEMSELVES.

74% of Americans say they’ll buy themselves at least one gift this year.

Most people think they give themselves the BEST gifts.

76% say they’re the best gift givers when it comes to their own gifts & only 24% think other people buy better stuff.

That said, only one in four people would rather give people a list of everything they want and NOT be surprised.

So, just the excitement of not knowing DOES count for something.

Electronics are the #1 surprise gift we hope to get this year  and #2 is a gift card.

Maybe the safest route is, “Surprise . . . here’s a gift card.  Go buy whatever it is you actually want.”


BONUS: The Top 6 Reasons You’re on Santa’s Naughty List

  1. You put the empty Brita pitcher back in the refrigerator.
  2. You use a laser pointer to circle your spouse’s flaws.
  3. Every time you walk by a construction scaffolding, you remove a screw.
  4. You drive a BMW and…nope, that’s it.  You just drive a BMW.
  5. If you need exact change at the coffee shop, you take it from the tip cup.
  6. For 11 months a year, you use the Baby Jesus from your nativity scene as a doorstop.



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