Mother’s Day Facts & Stats

Every family dynamic is unique, but if YOU have a mother you’d like to celebrate this weekend, put some thought into how you’d like to do it.  In a new poll, people were asked about their family life growing up . . . and for MANY of us, our mothers were more involved in our home-life.

79% of people were raised by a mother and a father . . . compared to 14% who were raised by a single mother, and 1% who were brought up by a single father.

Among people who had two parents at home, 49% said their mother was most involved in their daily activities.  35% said both parents equally . . . and 7% said it was mainly their father.

72% said their mother was most involved in housework.  19% said both parents equally . . . and 4% said it was mainly their father.

40% said their mother helped them more with their homework.  20% said both parents equally . . . and 12% said it was mainly their father.

35% said they turned to their mother more for advice.  Another 35% said both parents equally . . . and 16% said they usually turned to their father.

And 38% said they were closer to their mother.  39% said they were equally close with both parents . . . and 16% said they were tighter with their father.

(Of course, fathers had their moment in other categories.  Fathers were more likely to earn more money . . . be stricter . . . and to be an influence on a person’s personality AND political beliefs, for better or worse.)

Randomly, the poll asked people if they’ve ever argued with their MOTHER-IN-LAW . . . and 65%, about 2-in-3, said NO.  Only 25% said they have battled with their mother-in-law.  (11% don’t have one.)

Among the people in the poll, 47% plan to do SOMETHING to celebrate Mother’s Day, while 35% don’t plan on it . . . and 17% aren’t sure yet.


Here are some other random facts & stats about Mother’s Day this year:

A bunch of sites put together lists of last-minute gifts you can still get in time, mostly stuff from Amazon.  CNN and Yahoo posted a ton of them.

Google looked at the top Mother’s Day flower each state has been googling.  Carnations are #1, then peonies and hydrangeas.  No mention of roses at all.  (Just be careful.  All of those can make your mom’s dog sick, or worse.)

The top “self-care” gifts we’ve been googling the past month are:  Self-care gift box . . . incense burner . . . meditation candles . . . and “callus healer.”

The site “Eat This, Not That” posted a list of restaurant deals.  If you want to serve breakfast in bed but you’re lazy, Cracker Barrel has an all-day “Brunch at Home” meal with bacon, eggs, pancakes, and other stuff.

A mom from Indiana is in the news after arguing grandmothers should NOT be celebrated this Sunday.  She sets aside a different day for her mom and mother-in-law, and her family has the same rule for Father’s Day.  They started doing it after her first Mother’s Day was too hectic.  She had to coordinate grandparent visits and didn’t get to relax.  Her argument is she’s the one who’s “deep into the mothering right now,” and ACTIVE moms should get their own day.  More than a few people online agree with her . . . and more than a few don’t.  (Here’s the video.)

And finally:  A mom named Madison Barbosa is going viral for an unfiltered TikTok rant to husbands about what your wife really wants for Mother’s Day.  She doesn’t want a day away from the kids.  She wants a, quote, “day where she can shut her [friggin’] brain off, where she doesn’t have to have the MENTAL LOAD.”  Her suggestion for husbands is to plan something . . . or really, EVERYTHING.  And get her a card too.  She wants one.  (WARNING:  Lots of F-bombs and other profanity in the video.)

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