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Mick Mars is knocking on Heaven’s door.
At least that’s what the former Motley Crue guitarist is telling Rolling Stone. Mars says he’s sold his share of the publishing rights to the band’s catalog because he doesn’t expect to be around much longer. “The deal was just finalized,” the 71-year-old says. “Now I can relax and don’t have to worry about anything, since I’m probably just going to live another seven or eight years.”
When asked how he knows he’s got only seven or eight years left, Mars says, “I’m old enough, man. I’m not going to live to be 85 or 90 — I just have a feeling. I don’t want to, either. My brain doesn’t want this ugly-ass body … to keep going. I wish I could just take the information out of my brain, put it on a chip and into somebody else, or a robot. There’s still a lot of stuff going on up there.”

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