Do Men and Women Say Sorry or Apologize Too Much . . . or Not Enough?

Everyone knows that Canadians say “sorry” (or ‘SOAR-ee’) way too much . . . just in normal conversation . . . but what about Americans?

A poll asked people if men and women tend to say “sorry” or apologize in everyday conversations too often, or not often enough.

45% think MEN don’t say sorry enough.  15% say they apologize too much . . . and 18% say they say sorry “about the right amount.”

20% think WOMEN don’t say sorry enough, while 40% say they apologize too much . . . and 21% say they say sorry “about the right amount.”

That said, when you break the responses down by gender, BOTH men and women think THEY say sorry too much . . . and the OTHER gender doesn’t apologize enough.


(YouGov / YouGov)


BONUS: Top Situations When You Should ALWAYS Apologize!

  • When a woman says “I’m not pregnant” after you nod at her stomach and ask “Boy or girl?”
  • When the customer behind you says “This is the ’15 items or less’ line” after you put your 187th can of cat food on the conveyer belt.
  • When pills clatter all over the sink after you open your host’s medicine cabinet while using their bathroom.
  • When your 8-year-old bursts into tears after you hit him with that Draw 4-card in a game of Uno.
  • When you’re a middle-aged man with a ponytail and . . .  No, that’s it.  Just straight-up apologize for this.  Period.
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