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Zakk Wylde Recalls Hiding Poop in Ozzy Osbourne’s Couch??

Guitarist Zakk Wylde says he once hid human excrement in Ozzy Osbourne’s couch to get revenge on the singer for his flatulence issues.
The odoriferous prank occurred when the pair was recording Osbourne’s “No More Tears” album, Wylde says. “Ozzy had these stink bombs he just kept letting off,” the guitarist recalls. “You could use them to clear f***ing buildings, not rooms. Ozzy would be there at the back, ‘Sorry…’ and we’d be gagging.”
So to get back at him, Wylde says he fought fire with fire. “Every day Oz had this couch that he’d sit on to watch World War II videos or whatever,” Wylde recalls. “So, I take my enormous s**t in this bag and cut a tiny little hole, sliding it in until it’s properly hidden up the back of the couch.” After detecting the odor, Osbourne lost it, bellowing, “I was just trying to watch my World War II videos, thinking what is that horrendous stench?” Wylde goes on to admit, “It was a miracle anything got done.”
Do rock stars ever really grow up?

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