What Do You Think Are The 20 Top-Trending Words Of 2020 So Far?

A group called the Global Language Monitor looks at the top-trending words each year. And to no one’s surprise – “covid” has already CRUSHED the record for most cited word or phrase.

It’s been cited at least 100 TIMES more than every previous word of the year. And “Covid-19” is #2 on the list. Here are the Top 20 words for the first half of 2020:

1.  Covid.

2.  Covid-19.

3.  Coronavirus.

4.  Corona.

5.  Face mask.

6.  Progress.

7.  Truth.

8.  Social distancing.

9.  Trade war.

10.  Sustainability.

11.  Flatten the curve.

12.  Lockdown.

13.  Identity politics.

14.  Progressives.

15.  Zoom meeting.

16.  Quarantine.

17.  Migrants.

18.  Donald Trump.

19.  Symptoms.

20.  Outbreak. 


(Source: Global Language Monitor)

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