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Top 10 Signs You Officially Have a Dad Bod!

Clothing companies have started making “dad bod” shirts.

We think you may want to add them to your Christmas wish list.

Especially if you match anything on today’s list of the Top 10 Signs You Officially Have a Dad Bod:

  1. People no longer say “No way!!” when you tell them you’re in your 40s.
  2. The rest of your body asked for a legal separation from your belly.
  3. Your belly button pokes from under your shirt often enough that the kids fill time by tossing M&M’s into it.
  4. The label on your jeans transitioned from “Levi’s” to “Kirkland Signature”.
  5. When you try on your old high school jersey, it doesn’t just stretch . . . it MOANS.
  6. You threw out your back tucking in your shirt.
  7. You spend less time copying how Guy Fieri cooks.  And more time copying how he looks.
  8. You started describing yourself as “barrel-chested.”
  9. You keep losing soap slivers around your stomach.
  10. You can’t remember the last time you fastened a belt.  But you CAN remember the last time you cinched a drawstring:  two minutes ago.

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