Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets Of Knowledge For Your Noggin’ – (5/2/24)

Here are Big Dave’s 5 Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ – on this Thursday, May 2nd, 2024. Let’s learn something together:

  1. The most common surname in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain is Smith.  In Mexico, it’s Hernandez . . . in China, it’s Wang . . . in Brazil, it’s Da Silva . . . and in India, it’s Devi.
  2. Journey never had a Number One hit.  Their closest was “Open Arms”, which made it to Number Two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in February of 1982.
  3. The legal drinking age in England is five years old, as long as the kid is drinking alcohol at home.
  4. From 1952 up through 2016, every presidential candidate who won Vigo County in western Indiana has won the election.  That was the longest streak of any county.  Then in 2020, Trump won the county, but didn’t win the election.
  5. Only three mammals go through menopause:  Orcas, pilot whales, and humans.   (According to a recent study, chimpanzees from one population in western Uganda might also experience it.)

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