The Top 7 Questions You Should NEVER Ask!

Here’s a great list for anyone who’s socially awkward, or worried about being rude.

Someone posted a bunch of risky questions you should NEVER ask people.

The #1 question we should all know to avoid is – “Are you pregnant?”

#2 on the list is, “Who did you VOTE for?”  — Not everyone wants to talk about it, and you might not like the answer.

Here are more questions you should probably never ask:

#3.  “How are you still single?” — It might seem like a compliment, but it’s a touchy subject. And the word “still” can sound judgmental. The same goes for “Why don’t you have kids yet?”

#4.  “How much do you make?” — We’ve relaxed about a lot of etiquette rules over the years. But asking about someone’s salary is still considered rude.

#5.  “How did they die?” — It doesn’t matter who the person was, you probably shouldn’t ask. And if they don’t offer up that info, then you don’t need to know.

#6.  “Why don’t you ever come out with us anymore?” — The answer this year is usually COVID. But in general, it comes across as peer pressure, or like you’re judging them for being boring.

#7.  “How old are you?” — That one really depends on age. If they’re under 30, or over 80, they probably won’t mind. But everyone in between is a risk.


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