The Top 10 Breakfast Fun Facts

Since September is Better Breakfast Month, let’s take a minute to check out this list of The Top Breakfast Fun Facts:

  1. If someone says they like orange juice better with pulp, you are legally allowed to punch them in the throat.
  2. The average American eats breakfast at 7:30 A.M. And by “eats,” I mean “inhales.”
  3. Health experts would like to see Americans eat less bacon. But not as much as pigs would.
  4. Breakfast is the only meal of the day with its own club made of people who are no longer famous.
  5. If you’re eating it at Denny’s, you’re probably at the tail end of a long string of bad decisions.
  6. Ketchup on eggs is the early morning equivalent of pineapple on pizza.
  7. Pouring beer over your Cheerios is the REAL breakfast of champions.
  8. Your breakfast should include selections from different food groups, none of which contain marshmallows.
  9. If your breakfast has the words “rooty” and “tooty” in its name, it’s probably not healthy.
  10. It’s the second-best way to start the day. The first is “not getting out of bed.”

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