The Three Toys Picked for This Year’s Toy Hall of Fame Class Are…

The National Toy Hall of Fame announced the three toys it’ll be inducting this year. And, finally, MotU toys get the respect they deserve! Here are the inductees:

1.  Lite-Brite

2.  Masters of the Universe

3.  The spinning Top.

There are nine other finalists that didn’t get enough votes from toy industry experts, historians, and the general public to make it into the Hall of Fame this year.

They are:  Bingo . . . Breyer Horses . . . the board game Catan (or Settlers of Catan) . . . Nerf toys . . . the piñata . . . the card game Phase 10 . . . Pound Puppies . . . Rack-O . . . and the Spirograph.

Last year’s three inductees were American Girl Dolls . . . the board game Risk . . . and Sand, from a beach or sandbox.

Here’s a video of this year’s ceremony.


(Museum of Play)




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