The Most Popular Way to Order Coffee in Texas & Oklahoma Is…

How normal are you when it comes to the way you take your COFFEE?

A new survey looked at the most common way people order coffee in all 50 states.

People in 42 states – including BOTH Texas & Oklahoma – prefer their coffee with cream and sugar.

Black coffee is #1 in five states:  Nevada, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota.

Two states prefer iced coffee: Alaska and Idaho.

Vermont is the only state where the top choice was lattes.

Here are four more quick coffee stats from the survey:

1.  Seven in 10 adults in America drink coffee.

2.  49% of coffee drinkers have two to three cups a day. 45% keep it to one cup. And 6% have at least FOUR cups a day.

3.  Half of us make coffee at home now. The average cup at a coffee shop is $3. So if you buy coffee five days a week, that’s about $780 a year. Less than one in five people said they take advantage of free coffee at work.

4.  The top reasons we drink coffee are to stay awake, because we like the flavor and to stay focused.

(Here’s the map of all 50 states coffee preference.)






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