The 10 Grossest English Words

What’s ONE WORD I could say right now that would turn your stomach, even without any context around it?

Someone looked at different polls on gross-sounding words, and came up with a master list of the GROSSEST words in the English language. Here are the top ten:

  1. “Pus.”  It’s the clear winner, partly because a lot of WOMEN voted for it.
  2. “Phlegm”
  3. “Seepage.” It’s the grossest word according to men.
  4. “Moist”
  5. “Splooge”
  6. “Fester”
  7. “Mucus”
  8. “Ooze”
  9. “Putrid”
  10. “Curd.” As in cheese curds.

A few more that ranked high were:

  • “Discharge”
  • “loogie”
  • “secrete”
  • “diarrhea”
  • “snot”
  • “congeal”

Here are the top 10 for men and women.


(Huff Post / Ranker / InYourArea)

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