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Ted Nugent says David Lee Roth is ‘Out of his Mind’

Ted Nugent says David Lee Roth is “out of his mind.” Nugent made the comment on the former Van Halen frontman’s mental stability during a recent podcast, saying he’s never been able to have a “meaningful conversation” with Roth because drugs have destroyed his brain. “I’ve always been militantly against substance abuse, and it’s an absolute crime — literally and figuratively — and David’s a perfect example,” Nugent says. “Again, I love him — I hope he’s happy, I hope he’s healthy. But tragically — and this goes to Eddie Van Halen too, and my encounters with Jimi Hendrix and so many people — you couldn’t have a meaningful dialogue. It was all stoned disconnect.”
The Motor City Madman goes on to say he never experienced issues communicating with Roth’s replacement in Van Halen, Sammy Hagar. “We have a meaningful, man-to-man, human-to-human, fun, deep bullsh*t session, because he’s in tune with himself — and he’s real good at getting out of tune with himself. But my point is I think it’s important to note that the incredible amount of hours that I’ve been honored and humbled to spend with some of the most powerful music authorities in the world, there was nothing to be shared because they were drunk or stoned.”

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