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Ozzfest was the ultimate rock and metal festival but hasn’t happened since 2018.
On a recent episode of the renewed “Osbournes” podcast, Sharon Osbourne explained why the festival ended.
“Yeah, it was a very weird beast because all the bands were our mates, but the managers were greedy and for some reason they thought that we were making billions on it and we weren’t,” Sharon said. “We made a profit. But it was not like — we couldn’t retire on it. And managers and agents wanted more and more and more, and it just wasn’t cost effective anymore. We stopped, because it just wasn’t cost effective.”
“Years and years ago, one of the bands — it was the second Ozzfest we did, or the third — wouldn’t go on stage until I agreed to give them 10,000 more dollars,” she continued. “And they were holding everything up, and I said, ‘Of course, of course I’ll give it you.'”
Son Jack asked who that artist was and Sharon replied, “Glenn Danzig.”
Sharon added: “They went on and played, and I went, ‘F**k you. You signed a contract, your agent agreed it, and you’re just gouging.'”

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