The long-standing debate of “The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” was never an issue for Motorhead’s Lemmy Killmister: the guys from Liverpool were his favorite.
In Kilmister’s 2004 memoir, White Line Fever, he says of the Fab Four,“[T]he Beatles were hard men.” Describing Liverpool, Kilmister describes it as “a hard, sea-farin’ town, all these dockers and sailors around all the time who would beat the piss out of you if you so much as winked at them. Ringo’s from the Dingle, which is like the f**king Bronx.”
While Kilmister enjoyed the music of The Rolling Stones, he described them as “mummy’s boys” and their going to London as a way “to give themselves some sort of aura of disrespectability.”
Lemmy and Motorhead have done covers of both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, handling “Back in the U.S.S.R.,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and “Sympathy for the Devil.”!

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