Merry Family (2023)


Merry Family

Single mom, 39 years old who is currently working in the medical field. Working with our program to get on her feet and build a better life for her children. Family support is limited and has set goals for herself of budgeting, savings, credit repair and homeownership.

9 year old boy

CLOTHING: Size 10-12 in clothing and a 5 in kids shoe INTERESTS: Loves anything football or basketball. LED lights for his room. He loves Kansas City Chiefs football team and Steph Curry is his idol. Mom says he really needs underwear and tall socks, gloves, toboggan, winter clothes such as sweatpants, hoodies, coat, and winter shoes.

14 year old boy

CLOTHING: Men’s small in clothing INTERESTS: Needs an alarm clock and would like LED lights for his room or anything football.



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