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Tuesday March 21 was a good day in history to release kick ass rock n roll. Here’s 6 Albums with absolutely nothing in common except…they were all born on this day.

1976 Sad Wings of Destiny – Judas Priest

The second JP studio album saw them beginning to fine tune their style and begin sculpting their signature sound

1979 Van Halen II – Van Halen

Van Halen II was recorded in just a week with very few overdubs. The band started recording the record just 8 days off of a world tour and though they were exhausted, as a band they were on fire from honing their skills night after night.

1980 Departure – Journey

This would become the final Journey album to feature founding member Greg Rolle. His replacement, chosen by Rolle himself, would be longtime Baby’s keyboardist Jonathan Cain.

1983 Elliminator – ZZ top

Eliminator would be the Lil Ol’ Band From Texas’ 8th studio record and the one that would become Gibbons, Beard and Hill’s best selling release ever. It’s sold well over 11 million copies

1984 Out of the Cellar – Ratt

By the power vested in MTV we now pronounce you a marriage made in … well you get it. Thanks to kickass, crunchy, catchy hard rock songs,  Ratt’s first full length album would be rocketed to to the top by a steady rotation on the the then “new” music video channel.

1990 Recycler – ZZ Top

Recycler saw ZZ Top begin to move away the synth-driven material featured on it’s previous 2 albums and begin a steady move back the band’s original blues roots. This little gem brought us some good tunes including My Head’s in Mississippi and Concrete and Steel to name a couple

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