Holly Family (2022)

Holly Family

Recently moved from an apartment to a house and is settling in well. Started working fulltime and is focused on being the best mom she can be.

Boy 13

CLOTHING: Shirt size is XL, pants are a 38. Shoes are a 13.5 in mens INTERESTS: Loves models and building stuff, enjoys putting together car models and things like that: also really loves Nerf guns

Girl 12

CLOTHING: Shirt size is large, pant size is 14/16 shoe size is an 8.5 in womens INTERESTS: Loves art, drawing, coloring, and anime. Was so shocked that there are people in the world who will give to those who have less than, that she didn’t know what to ask for because she didn’t want to burden anyone.

Boy 11

CLOTHING: Shirt size is Medium, pant size is 34/36 and shoe size is an 11.5 in mens INTERESTS: Loves legos, marvel comics and nerf guns

Girl 8

CLOTHING: Size 10/12 in clothes and size 5 in shoes INTERESTS: Barbies, life size baby doll accessories, unicorns, horses and books

Girl 6

CLOTHING: Size 7/8 in clothes and size 1 in shoes INTERESTS: LOVES sloths, Barbies, life size baby doll accessories; cats and coloring books and crayons. Mom did say please don’t get us a cat 🙂


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