Have You Witnessed The New Work Phenomenon: “Quiet Quitting” Yet?

I’ve known several people who spent their entire careers working like this. But, apparently other people are only just now noticing the trend. Have you heard of the work term “quiet quitting” yet?

It’s not when you actually quit your job. It just means you stop caring so much and refuse to go the extra mile. So work is NOT your top priority.

Basically, you choose to only perform your specific job duties. So instead of giving 110%, you back it off to whatever you can get away with and not get fired.

The goal is to make sure there’s room for other stuff in your life, so you’re not a workaholic. But obviously there’s a fine line between having a good work-life balance and just being lazy.

And it’s not just trending here. It’s also happening in other countries, including China where they use the term “tang ping,” which means “lying flat.”

It’s possible the pandemic lockdowns caused it. People who were overworked finally got a break . . . realized that free time is nice . . . and wanted more of it.

And the fact that the wealth gap is widening probably hasn’t helped either. When it seems impossible to get ahead, people don’t try as hard.

(This viral TikTok video sums it up pretty well.)


(NY Post / Huff Post)


BONUS: The Top Signs Your Coworker “Quietly Quit”

  • It’s been weeks since they stole copy paper.
  • The title of her last PowerPoint was “Whatever.”
  • He clocks out at 5 p.m. Unlike a hard worker like you, who clocks out at 5:04.
  • She stopped raking that stupid “zen garden” on her desk.
  • He quit turning down the volume when he surfs porn.
  • All she wrote in Frank from Accounting’s birthday card is “Happy Birthday.”
  • The to-do list on his whiteboard just says “Phone it in.”
  • The kitten on the “Hang in There” poster in her cubicle let go.
  • When you ask if he’s working hard or hardly working, he barely laughs.
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