Have You Ever Caught Someone Trying To Snoop Through Your Phone?

Do you have anything on your phone that you’d prefer people don’t see? Have you ever caught someone trying to snoop through your phone OR have you ever tried to snoop through someone else’s phone? A recent survey found most people admit trying to snoop:

82% of Americans say they’ve snooped through someone’s PHONE before.

Women were even more likely to say they’ve done it at 88%, compared to 77% of men.

“General curiosity” and “suspicion of wrongdoing” were the top two reasons people say they snoop.

And a lot of those searches are fruitful – 53% of snoopers say they’ve found something incriminating before.

Here are a few more phone snooping stats:

  • The top two people we’ve snooped on are significant others and exes.  9% have also looked through their kid’s phone . . . friends, 8% . . . parents and siblings, 7% each . . . and 3% of us have looked through a coworker’s device.
  • The top things we look at when we snoop are the person’s text messages . . . their photos or videos . . . and their browser history.
  • The most concerning things we’ve found are flirtatious texts . . . proof of cheating . . . and evidence they’ve been lying in general.
  • When we do snoop, we usually get away with it.  81% of snoopers said they’ve never been caught.



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