Georgia School District Quarantines More Than 900 Students, Staff
Coronavirus particle, illustration. Different strains of coronavirus are responsible for diseases such as the common cold, gastroenteritis and SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). A new coronavirus (2019-CoV) emerged in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. The virus causes a mild respiratory illness that can develop into pneumonia and be fatal in some cases. The coronaviruses take their name from their crown (corona) of surface proteins, which are used to attach and penetrate their host cells. Once inside the cells, the particles use the cells' machinery to make more copies of the virus.

Less than two weeks into the school year, one Georgia school district is already quarantining over 925 students and staff.
Cherokee County School District, about 20 miles north of Atlanta, reopened on August 3rd. So far, 59 people have tested positive for coronavirus.
The district, which includes about 42,000 total students, does not have a facemask requirement although it encourages students to wear them. Last week, several photos posted to social media showed students posing together without masks.
If 900 people are being quarantined after one week, can schools really be reopened safely? How is your family approaching the school year

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