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Although fans have been clamoring for KISS to reunite with former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss for years, Gene Simmons says most of them – especially newer KISS fans – don’t even know who the two musicians are.
“The newer fans never saw them and they don’t know [who they are],” Simmons says. Nevertheless, the singer-bassist says he invited both former members to join the current lineup onstage during the band’s farewell tour – and both declined. “For the fans — the older, older fans — the ones who’ve been around for 50 years, they’re old, and some of them want to see Ace and Peter,” Simmons says. “I asked both Ace and Peter a few times, ‘Do you want come out for the encores? Do you want to do some shows?’ And they both said, ‘No.’ But there are many other big stars, superstars, who wanna jump up onstage and play a song.”
KISS’ seemingly endless “End of the Road Tour” is finally set to wrap up with two shows at Madison Square Garden on December 1st and 2nd.

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