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Dokken frontman Don Dokken is sharing his health struggles.
In a new interview, the singer talked about how the complications from his November 2019 neck and spinal surgery affected the making of the band’s upcoming thirteenth studio album, “Heaven Comes Down”, which will arrive on October 27.
The 70-year-old said, “My right arm got paralyzed, so I couldn’t play guitar anymore, so I couldn’t compose. That sucked… I mean, when you can’t play guitar, how am I gonna finish the songs? My left hand’s normal. My right hand [is] f**ked. It’s over. The whole arm is paralyzed.”
He went on to say, “I made a joke when I was going to the operating room. I told the surgeon, ‘Just do me two favors. Don’t kill me and don’t paralyze me.’ So, I got half. I’m paralyzed. I was [using] a walker and a cane, and I still have a cane. I don’t try to use it too much. But that just took the wind out of the band’s sail.”

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