Candy Cane Family (2023)


Candy Cane Family

Single mom, 26 years old, does not have a strong support system. Was working with our program on child care resources so she could continue to work but found out she was pregnant and had to have an emergency C section. Currently on bedrest. Her position does not offer maternity pay or any benefits while she is recovering. Anything to help her provide Christmas for her children would be a blessing.

Newborn boy

CLOTHING: Size 1-3 months INTERESTS: Mom is requesting anything warm for him, clothes and socks especially because she is unable to get them at this time and knows winter is going to be cold. Baby toys, rattles, soft toys, books are wonderful but she doesn’t want to ask for too much. Her concern is winter clothes for him so he can stay warm.

5 year old girl

CLOTHING: Size 6 in clothing and size 9 in kids shoes INTERESTS: unicorns, mermaids, Frozen, loves books, pretend jewelry.



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