Are These Really The Top Cover Songs That Are Better Than the Original Versions?

It’s interesting to hear how an artist can take a universally loved song by another artist and really make it their own.

Sometimes it’s a good cover & sometimes…not so much.

Far Out Magazine made a list of covers that MIGHT be better than the original:

1.  “All Along the Watchtower”Jimi Hendrix . . . originally by Bob Dylan.

2.  “Hurt”Johnny Cash . . . originally by Nine Inch Nails.

3.  “Hallelujah”Jeff Buckley . . . originally by Leonard Cohen.

4.  “The Man Who Sold the World”Nirvana . . . originally by David Bowie.

5.  “Jolene”The White Stripes . . . originally by Dolly Parton.

6.  “Me & Bobby McGee”Janis Joplin . . . originally by Roger Miller.

7.  “I Fought the Law”The Clash . . . originally by Sonny Curtis.

8.  “Mr. Tambourine Man”The Byrds . . . originally by Bob Dylan.

9.  “With a Little Help From My Friends”Joe Cocker . . . originally by The Beatles.

10.  “Respect”,  Aretha Franklin . . . originally by Otis Redding.

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Do you agree with the list or would you add something to it?

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