A High-Speed Chase Was Stopped by a Bunch of Cows

Cops normally use spike strips to stop a high-speed chase.

But this works too, I guess . . .

A guy in northern Wisconsin got caught with an expired registration early yesterday morning, and decided to run.

Police chased him for 13 miles before he went off the road and tried to drive through a field.

But he didn’t get far . . . because a huge wall of COWS stopped him.

Luckily he didn’t hit any of them, and no people were hurt either.

Cops posted a photo on Facebook of the cows checking out the guy’s car after he’d been arrested.

And they joked that he encountered a, quote, “MOOOving blockade.”

They also thanked their police department’s “Bovine Unit” for helping them out.

(Here’s the photo.)


(USA Today / KSTP)




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