5 BONUS Nuggets of Knowledge For Your Noggin’ for National Dog Day – 8/26/22

It’s National Dog Day (8/26/22), when you’re supposed to appreciate and spoil your pup (as if you don’t already). Here are a few BONUS Nuggets of Knowledge for your Noggin’ to help celebrate your furry best friend:

  1. 71% of us have had a dog at some point in our life.  Only 56% have had a cat.
  2. Purebred dogs are the most popular now.  39% say their most recent dog was purebred . . . 17% said a crossbreed, like Labradoodles . . . 23% said mutt . . . and 21% have no idea which category their dog falls into.
  3. Americans are more than twice as likely to describe themselves as a “dog person” than a “cat person.”  49% said dog person . . . 21% said cat person . . . and around 30% don’t have a preference, or love both.
  4. A survey of dog owners found the dogs that are most likely to misbehave when they’re home alone are greyhounds . . . Dalmatians . . . bulldogs . . . beagles . . . and Siberian huskies.  Pomeranians and golden retrievers also made the top ten.
  5. The five most common bad behaviors are chewing things like shoes and socks . . . going to the bathroom inside . . . stealing food . . . shredding any and all types of paper . . . and jumping up on things like the sofa, or your bed.


(National Today)


BONUS: Top Things People Say to Their Dogs Other than “I Love You”

  • Are you done drinking?  I gotta use the toilet.
  • Relax.  It’s just a squirrel!
  • No offense, but eating poop?  Not a good look.
  • At least take the pillow to dinner before you hump it.
  • Was that a scary dream or a sex dream?
  • Of all the yards to take a dump in, why did you pick the one with people outside?
  • I’m SO jealous you can lick there.

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