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USA Today posted a list of predictions made by people 100 years ago about how our lives will have changed by the 2024. Some are frighteningly accurate…some not so much

A nationally syndicated advice columnist thought America’s eating habits could drastically change our looks and by 2024 NO NONE WOULD HAVE ANY TEETH! Not completely untrue, but have you seen pictures of people from 1924 and the condition of their teeth? I would assume there would be no teeth left by 1930.

A professor at USC predicted horses would be an endangered species, because of the automobile. Because apparently there is no other reason for horses?

In a book called “Wireless Possibilities”, a guy basically predicted the Internet. He said we’d be doing most things remotely

A British politician predicted life expectancy would be “at least 100 years old,” and we’d still feel fairly young at 75.

Movie mogul D.W. Griffith predicted moving pictures would help end all wars, because they were a “universal language” that could help us all understand each other. He said by 2024, movies would have played a huge part in, quote, “eliminating from the face of the civilized world ALL armed conflict.”

The president of the American Chemical Society had a different take. He thought futuristic weapons would mean major cities would constantly be under attack.

Women would be in charge, and men would be raising the kids. In a letter to the “New York Daily News”, a guy said “women will occupy all the highest positions,” and men will just do physical labor, or stay home to, quote, “wait on the babies or mind the pets.”

A limit to the number of kids you could have. A Department of Agriculture official predicted we wouldn’t have enough food to go around. So births would “have to be limited in some manner” by 2024.

Cities would be totally rebuilt around cars. The 1920s were when cars really started taking off. In 1924, a Swedish architect wrote, “In the city of a hundred years from now, I see three-deck roads, speedways through the heart of town, [and] skyscrapers with entrances for automobiles as high as 15 stories.”

Everyone would be flying to work. A real estate mogul in New York said the airplane was still “in its infancy.” But eventually, we’d all be using them. Quote, “It will be the everyday occurrence for the businessman to fly from home to office, and back home again.”

It all seems so ridiculous to us now but imagine the future 100 years from today.



(USA Today)

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