You Make 6,709 Spur-of-the-Moment Decisions a Year

Do you consider yourself to be a spontaneous person? According to a new study, almost ALL of us are. It found the average American makes 6,709 spur-of-the-moment decisions a year, or about 18 a day.

Most of them have to do with small things, like where to have lunch or what to watch on TV. Here are four quick stats from the study:

1.  Over 80% of us think we’re a “spontaneous person” to some degree.

2.  People who DO think they’re spontaneous were 40% more likely to say they’re also a “happy person.” And 38% more likely to feel content with their life.

3.  72% of people said they usually feel happier after they do something spontaneous.

4.  Over half of us have gone on a last-minute trip in the past five years. And almost all of those people said it made them happier.

The survey also asked people to name the top outdoor activities they want to do as soon as it feels safe again. The top answers include traveling or sightseeing, hunting and fishing, hiking, camping and playing an organized sport.


[Source: SWNS]

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