Would You Take a 25% Pay Cut to Work from Home FOREVER?

How much of your paycheck would you be willing to sacrifice if it meant you could work from home all the time?

More than 1 in 7 people in a new poll said they’d sacrifice a QUARTER of their earnings.

65% would take a 5% pay cut . . . 38% would take a 10% pay cut . . . and 15% of us would take a 25% pay cut to keep working remotely.

Here are a few more things we’d be willing to do to keep working from the couch:

1.  39% would give up their health insurance benefits . . . half would give up their vision insurance . . . and 44% would give up dental.

2.  36% would give up their 401k benefits going forward.

3.  46% would give up HALF of their vacation days and sick days.  And 15% would give up ALL of them.

4.  53% would work 10 extra hours a week.  That’s two additional hours a day.

5.  55% would give up social media for a year.

6.  52% would give up Netflix . . . and 52% said the same about Amazon deliveries.

7.  And 34% of us would give up our right to vote in ALL future elections.  (A third of us didn’t vote in the last election, so maybe that’s not a huge sacrifice for a lot of people.)



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