This is BONKERS! I mean, isn’t the point of a massage to feel relaxed and NOT feel like you might be stabbed at any moment?

Apparently, the hottest new trend in massage is MEAT CLEAVER MASSAGES!!!

That’s where you lie down and a masseuse whacks your back with two dull meat cleavers over and over and over. Apparently it feels good and there’s some spiritual “energy” stuff or whatever involved in the process. It’s actually an ancient Chinese practice called “Daoliao” – you can watch the video above to see how it works.

You have a towel over you, so it’s not blade-on-skin, and the cleavers are dull.

The massages have been popular in Taiwan for quite a while, but lately, they’ve been popping up all over the world. The most popular spot for these massages in Taiwan says they’ve never had a client injured in their 40-year history.

Would you do it?

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