Would You Give Up Your Best Friends to Never Pay Taxes Again?

They say nothing’s for certain but death and taxes. But what if that WASN’T true? The taxes part, I mean.

Someone asked people what they’d give up FOREVER if they never had to pay taxes again.

And 1 in 20 people would give up their BEST FRIENDS.

How many of these ten things would you be willing to sacrifice?

1.  Watching sports. 43% would give up sports forever.

2.  Video games, 40%.

3.  Alcohol, 37%.

4.  Exercise, 22%. (I pretty much live that way now, so…)

5.  Your favorite food, 19%. And 22% would give up all dessert foods.

6.  TV. Just 12% said they’d give it up.

7.  Music, 8%.

8.  Cell phones, 6%.

9.  Driving AND riding in cars, 5%.

10.  Your best friends, also 5%.


(Source: PR Newswire)

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