Would You Drink This Chocolate-Flavored Dr Pepper?!

Not sure how I feel about this, yet. I mean, my wife is OBSESSED with Dr Pepper, but I’m not sure if even she would like this. Dr Pepper has created a new CHOCOLATE-flavored version of their drink. BUT, the catch is, they’re not selling it in stores.

At least not yet.

It’s called “Dr Pepper Fantastic Chocolate” – and you have to create a “Pepper Perks” account for a chance to get your hands on some of it.

Basically, you have to scan your receipt when you buy other Dr Pepper products.

Once you have enough points, they’ll send you some of the “Dr. Pepper Fantastic Chocolate”.

I guess the good news is, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to buy much Dr Pepper to get some of it though.

You need at least 100 points & it sounds like you get that many just from buying a single two-liter.

You can find out more at EarnRewards.com/DrPepper.


(Here’s a photo.)

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