Without The Internet, Could You Help Your Kid With Their Homework?

Back when our parents helped us with our homework, you know – before the Internet was a thing – um, how did they do it?

Did they actually, like, know the stuff?

According to a new survey, two-thirds of parents today say they rely on Google when they help their kids or grandkids with their homework.

79% of parents say they do remember SOME of the stuff they learned in school, but they still struggle, especially with their kids’ math homework.

The main reason? Kids learn math differently today, and it just BAFFLES us.

The survey also found the top ways parents get out of helping their kid with homework.

The top five are:

  • Asking their partner to help instead
  • Coming home late
  • Doing laundry or other chores instead
  • Claiming to be too tired
  • Doing an emergency grocery run


(Study Finds)

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