Will You Ever Eat at a Buffet Again?

The pandemic is making everyone rethink the germs they encounter every day. One of the places where we all just kinda pretended germs didn’t exist before was at a BUFFET.

A new survey asked people how likely they are to eat at a buffet once restrictions are lifted. It didn’t say “when there’s a vaccine” or anything like that, it just asked about the period after all the capacity restrictions are lifted.

27% of people say they probably WILL still eat at a buffet compared to 65% who say NO WAY. 8% aren’t sure.

This isn’t shocking, but there’s a big split down political lines. 45% of Republicans say they’ll probably eat at a buffet versus only 19% of Democrats and 25% of Independents.

What about you #MadRockNation – will you eat at a buffet again?


[Source: YouGov]

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