What’s the Most Popular Candy in Texas, Oklahoma & Other States?

June is National Candy Month, so CandyStore.com just shared the most popular candy in every state – based on sales numbers.

And the results are kind of surprising, mainly because Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups did so poorly. They were only number one in seven states, which put them in third place. And Reese’s Pieces didn’t win a single state.

Here are the results:

M&M’s, 13 states (including Texas)

Skittles, 10 states

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, seven states (including Oklahoma)

Sour Patch Kids, four states

Snickers, four states

Jolly Ranchers, three states

Starburst, two states

Twix, two states

Kit Kat, two states

Swedish Fish, just one state with Kentucky

Milky Way, just one state with New Hampshire

Hershey’s Bar, just one state with Michigan

(Here’s a map showing every state’s top candy.)


[Sources: BroBible / The Daily Meal]


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