What Would You Give Up for Just One Day of Zero Stress?

People were recently asked what they’d be willing to give up for just one, totally stress-free day. Personally, I’m pretty sure if you actually gave up any of this stuff, it would just stress you out even more. But, here are the top ten things that got the most votes:

1.  Your favorite foods.  45% would give them up for a zero-stress day.  43% specifically said they’d give up chocolate if that’s what it took.

2.  Shopping, 35%.

3.  Skip some important meetings, 30%.

4.  Sacrifice a week’s worth of productivity, 30%.

5.  An entire PAYCHECK, 28%.  (Seriously?  For one stress-free day?)

6.  No exercise equipment, 28%.  (I’m on like day 16,597 of giving that one up!)

7.  Sex.  26% would give it up.

8.  Any and all leeway with deadlines at work, 23%.

9.  Social Media, 22%.

10.  Hanging out with friends, also 22%.



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