Kiss ALIVE! Turns 45 today. The album that essentially started it all for me. I still to this day think it is top to bottom the best KISS record in history. There are few if any low points on this album. Every song, every bullfight cheer, every over dubbed vocal is imperfect perfection which (i know makes no sense but it is the best way I can think to describe it.) Bottom line is, they could not sell studio albums to save their lives. The first 3 studio efforts had done ok, but they really needed a hit of some kind or the label was going to go out of business and the band was going to be without a deal. So in an homage the English band Slade and their 1972 album “Slade ALIVE!”, they put together recordings from the Dressed to Kill Tour. Because of the elaborate stage show and the energy level there were a lot of issues with recordings. Miscues, wrong notes, wrong chords, knocked over mic stands and generally anything else that comes with recording a band like KISS in a live setting producer Eddie Kramer took the band back into the studio to clean things up, also adding bullfight cheers from a sound effects record to make up for a lack of good crowd sound.

And here is a cool piece also..

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